4 ways to maintain your tile flooring

Once our crew completes your tile installation project, you can take extra steps to extend the life span of your floors. You can maintain your floors by:

  • Vacuuming and sweeping away dirt and debris
  • Mopping up stains or spilled liquids right away
  • Avoiding cleaning solutions with acidic ingredients or bleach
  • Placing floor mats and throw rugs in high-traffic areas
Our tile floor installations last for an average of 10 years before they need repairs and can last decades longer with proper care. Speak with our team if you have any questions about maintaining your new floors.

Choose the perfect floors for your home

Here at Vu's Tile & Floor Installation Services, we offer a wide range of stylish tile and hardwood flooring options. But how can you tell which one is best for your home?

Let's start with tile. This versatile and water-resistant material looks great in kitchens and bathrooms. It offers a level of elegance and comfort that other floor types can't match. As for hardwood, this highly durable material has a stunning appearance that can modernize any living space. It comes in a variety of finishes and requires little maintenance over time.

Still not sure which option to choose? We'll be glad to speak with you further about our hardwood and tile installation services in Cambridge or Dorchester, MA.